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Penguins, Starfish, Sharks and 3 happy kids

By Anna Jones, dated 11th July, 2016

I visited the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham on the 10th July 2016 with my Sister and our 3 children, ages 3, 6 and 6. 

Anna's Tip: Arrive just before 10am to beat the queues!

We walked straight into the penguin area, we had our photo taken by two members of staff who were friendly and happy to take our picture (they can be printed on the day for a charge). The penguins were fantastic, as was the rest of the centre! 

Starfish experience: We had the opportunity to touch some starfish - an activity available to everybody, if they wanted to. The member of staff that was there was very informative and friendly, he explained things to the children in a way they understood so that was lovely. Here's a pic of Charlotte (3) with the starfish, excuse the photo being a bit dark, but it's magical!

Charlotte with the starfish

He also showed them some sharks eggs and explained what they were called and how the shark is born, the children were very excited to hear they were "mermaids purses". 

There was lots of 'gasps' and 'wows' from the children. They showed interest there that they have never shown before at zoos.

Charlotte (3) wants to go there "every week forever" and Alex (6) now wants to work there one day.

He wants the job of cleaning the tunnel 'windows' so he can stay and watch them every day.

Lily at the Sea Life Centre Birmingham

We were there for nearly two hours and the kids had some chocolate from the vending machine. (£1 for a little packet of buttons). 

The whole walk through was enchanting, the music, the lighting and the bits for the children to do. It kept a 3 year old and two 6 year olds very busy and happy all the way through.

The 4D cinema would have been lovely, had the family in front of us not been on their mobile phones and the other children screaming (distressed) around us. But our kids didn't seem to mind so no harm done :)

All the staff, from the beginning to the end at the gift shop were very pleasant and the centre was clean and well looked after. Overall I would absolutely recommend to families and people of all ages and it was easily accessible, with lifts and ramps.

Thanks so much, can't wait to visit again!

Jellyfish at Sea Life Centre Birmingham

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