West Midlands Safari Park Review for Winter


Selina from What to do with the kids took her family to review West Midlands Safari Park and check out what they were up to this Winter. Here's the review:




Well West Midlands Safari Park had really made a massive effort to make it a winter wonderland, as you walked into the walk around park area there was fake snow falling and everywhere had snow and presents and christmassy things. We didn't go and see Santa but the grotto looked good. The staff were dressed as Elves - pink cheeks and all and even the map had a winter theme and only showed what was open - the theme park closes over the winter.


When we arrived, there were plenty of staff on hand to guide the cars to the pay booths. We went straight into the Safari section but wished we had parked up, used the loos and had a coffee as we had been in the car for a long time.


The safari was great, well signed, lots of staff on the ground and secure. We got close to so many animals, it was amazing for all of us, adults and kids alike. We took our time and spent about an hour tootling around, and we could have gone round again later.


The walk around section of the park was a winter wonderland. Bauble the sea lion did a Christmas performance which my kids found hilarious!


The park was very well kept, enclosures all looked big enough and the kids commented on how the animals had nice homes. The bat cave and lorikeets were very interactive, being able to walk amongst the animals. The lorikeets rest on your arms or heads and my two were amazed and would have spent much longer in the enclosure if I had not been the victim of a bird poo attack!


The lemur and goat walk was also brilliant and we got up close to the animals, which was set in a lovely piece of woodland at the edge of the park. There were animal talks throughout the day from the keepers and as it was quieter than in the summer - you could get closer, ask questions, spend longer looking and reading information etc.


Land of the Living Dinosaurs was set in a tropical garden and was really interactive, great moving dinosaurs, real fossils, facts and information. The kids could pretend to be archaeologists in a giant sandpit with paint brushes to find the relics. This area has completely fascinated my son, who has for days after our visit played with his dinosaurs and built a theme park for them!



In terms of facilities, all the toilets were clean and stocked. For the warmer months there were lots of picnic benches and kiosks for snacks. The restaurant served well priced, good hot food which we needed in the December cold and all served by lots of Elves, who were also very good at tidying up!


We all really enjoyed our trip and to be honest I could not fault it at all! Well done West Midlands Safari park you get the What to do with the Kids thumbs up!



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