Carol Vorderman Scratch - Challenge Made Easy REVIEW



Publication date: 1st February 2017 | Price: £3.99 |Age range: 5-9


Key Stage 2 – Advanced Level


Get ready, get set, get coding!


DK’s Computer Coding Made Easy workbooks are a great starting point for children when learning to code. This Spring comes a brand new title in the series - Scratch Challenge Made Easy


Following on from Coding Projects With Scratch Made Easy, this latest book aimed at Key Stage 2, builds on basic Scratch knowledge, providing step-by-step guidance to boost key skills and know-how. Scratch Challenge Made Easy includes more advanced projects for children keen to have a go at bigger, better Scratch challenges. Fun activities include a game where an onscreen football has to be kept in the air, a musical notes memory challenge and a game where monkeys have to be rescued from a skyscraper.



There is also an introduction to Scratch, explaining what it is and what you can do with it, plus information on how to find your way around the Scratch screen.  Scratch Challenge Made Easy is perfect for understanding code, learning how to program and practicing computer language.


 What did our WTDWTK reviewer Evie (AGE 8 & huge Carol fan) make of this educational book:





Q) Do you like the book?

A ) "Yes! I love it...It's good to do and I want to do it all the time."


Q) Would you recommend this book to your fiends?

A) "I would it's good to learn Scratch, we do it at schools and this helped me get better at home."


Q) Have you ever had any of the other books by Carol Vorderman?

A) " I have they are all really good."


Evie's mum added, "Evie has really enjoyed this book, she has done a few of the projects, but has plenty more to get on with. The book is a great price too."


 Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 13.46.12

Evie Tweeted to @carolvorders last month and was so happy to get a reply from her maths hero, she printed it off and took it in to school along with her new book!





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