Letts KS3 Science

Letts KS3 Science

Age Rating 11-14 Years

 KS3 Science

Helps 11-14 year olds prepare for National Tests the quick, easy and enjoyable way!

KS3 Science contains 6 national test-style practice papers and answers in printable form to get students as close to their actual exam papers as possible. Using tests at the start and end of each unit, students can monitor their progress. KS3 Science also has Top tips! To make learning and remembering easy.

There is a large glossary containing the terms and meanings from any screen.

All the units use colourful graphics and clear facts to aid learning.


Everything students need to remember in one fun program!

Including sections on:

· Physical process
· Materials and their properties
· Life processes

Interactive exercises with:

· Practice papers
· Colourful graphics
· Glossary for looking up any terms from any screen


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