Vega 360 Telescope



Review by Amelia (8), Charlie (6) and Claire Paye

A telescope makes an original gift for any child and this Vega 360 one seems to me, although I have to admit to being no expert in the field of telescopes, very high quality.  It says that it provides up to 80X magnification, and we can certainly get a fantastic view of the craters on the moon.  As we approach the annual Brian Cox Stargazing Live time of year – I assume he’ll be gazing again in 2015 – you can get ahead by buying a telescope for Christmas.  

This GeoSafari telescope is relatively easy to assemble, even under pressure BEFORE breakfast because a certain 6 year old boy can’t wait to look through it.  He discovered, unfortunately, that you can’t see many stars from inside the house at 7am.  However, when we went outside on a clear night, we found it easy to focus on the moon.  We didn’t manage so well with the stars, as there was a bit of light pollution.  

The Vega 360 telescope has a wide range of movement so you can survey the scenery or the stars without having to move the tripod. It is compact, lightweight and fairly easy to fit inside a backpack to take on a walk.  There is an additional eye piece which ‘orients images correctly for terrestrial viewing and doubles eyepiece magnification’.  So it’s easy to use and you can see a long way!

The suggested age range is 8+.  Younger than that and they’ll need an adult to help position the telescope accurately.  It’s also worth allowing time for an older child or adult to put the telescope together, even though it is simple to do.  

It has to be said that a telescope does what it says on the tin, it helps you see a long way.  It isn’t something that children are likely to play with all the time, but it’s great to have for those clear nights or those cliff-top walks.  There is something quite fun about being able to have a clear view of stars or objects in the distance, and this telescope offers the quality to be able to do so.

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