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About Time board game review

Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids

About Time is a family board which tests your knowledge of history – from ancient to recent, by asking you which year a particular event happened. Ofsted-approved, the game is described as suitable for ages 7+. Our copy came with a set of junior games cards appropriate for the young players. We did the review with our niece and nephew, aged 12 and 15, so found there was no need to use the junior cards.

Junior Discovery CardsThe first thing we noted about the game is that the rulebook was a little bit off-putting. We seemed to spend a very long time reading through all the instructions and had to abandon them when the children started to get restless. However, when we started playing, we realised that it wasn’t that complicated, and we used the very helpful mini rule card, with occasional references to the rule book, and this worked perfectly.

We had some concerns that the game might be imbalanced, with two adults playing with two teenagers. However, the game has been cleverly devised so that you do not have to be an expert historian to be in with a chance of winning. You can win a round by guessing the closest year. Plus, in addition to good (or wild!) guess work, there are opportunities for winning additional points using strategy cards you can pick up along the way. Embarrassingly the children had much better knowledge than us in any case from their history classes and gave us a good run for our money.

The instructions say the game should last 60 to 90 minutes – we ended up playing for 4 hours! In fact there were several points when we could have drawn the game to a conclusion, but we were really enjoying it, so we just kept going.

There are some many things to like about this game – here are just a few.

  • Unlike other quiz games, every player gets a chance to answer the question in each round – meaning that other players don’t get bored waiting for ‘their turn’.
  • The magnetic question box allows you to peel back sections to read one question at a time and protect the answers that other players might ‘accidentally’ see. We’ve never seen this design before and we thought it was great.
  • The game is great for learning, and even better for sparking discussion. I think that’s why it took us so long to play – we kept stopping to talk about the answers.

The game is brilliant fun and we would definitely recommend it for family entertainment in any household this Christmas!

Available from Amazon or visit www.abouttimeboardgame.com

About Time Board Game Review



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