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 Badge It!

Badge It! returns by popular demand after calls from the craft loving public to reintroduce this much loved toy. Released in the UK in 2003, over 1/2 million makers were sold in the first year and Badge It! picked up the 'Creative Toy of the Year' award. Now with craft making experiencing a surge in popularity Badge It! returns.

The Badge It! maker has got quick, simple, no-mess badge making all buttoned up!  Make unique, high quality metal badges in seconds of your favourite pop star, footballer or pet. The award winning design makes creativity simple as there's no glue and no mess. You can use photos, pictures from magazines or your own drawings to make the badges you want. So get creative, and wear your badge with pride!

We asked What To Do With The Kids reviewer Sarah, with daughter Alice, aged 8, to review the toy. This is what they had to say...

Sarah : We thought this would be a great toy for Alice as she loves crafts and also collects badges. We decided to use the toy as an activity at Alice's birthday party so all her friends could make a badge and take it home with them as part of their goody bag.

The instructions and set up were a little bit complicated - this definitely couldn't be done by the child and needs adult help to get everything ready. However, once it was put together, it was really easy for Alice and her friends to use, and they absolutely loved it!

There are badge designs included in the package and most of the girls used these, although some of the girls decided to make their own name badges and for this we just cut plain white paper to the right size and the girls coloured them in. Magazine cuttings actually work better with the machine as the paper is thinner, so we also made a couple of One Direction badges!


The only downside to this toy is that it contains only enough materials to make 15 bages, so you quickly need to by the refill pack of badge pins and covers.

All in all though, this was a big hit with the girls and they really enjoyed designing their own badges. Here's one we made earlier!

Alice :  Badge It! is brilliant! We had lots of fun at my birthday party making the badges and it was really exciting because none of my friends had made badges at a party before so they thought it was really good.

I rushed my badge at the party so my friends could have a go so I am now looking forward to getting the refills to I can make some more badges in my own designs at home and I have been saving pictures from mum's magazines. 


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