Dino Bite from Drumond Park - review


Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids, with Oliver, age 4.5

DINO Bite is a classic suspense game – along the lines of old favourites such as ‘Operation’, ‘Mr Pop’ and ‘Buckaroo’.

The aim of the game is save the baby dinosaurs from the nest with a pair of tweezers, while the T-Rex  looms above, ready to swoop down and ‘bite’ if you are unlucky. Players take turns to roll the dice and this determines the colour of the baby dinosaur they must rescue from the nest, but if the T-Rex snaps at you in the process, you’re out.

It’s a really simple game, suitable for younger children (although it does have small plastic parts, so best keep an eye on very young children who enjoy snacking on game pieces), and in our case it provided a good half-hour of entertainment and shrieking!

We didn’t realise at first that it also had a sound setting, which provides jungle-type sounds and dinosaur rumbling and roaring. Once we had switched on the sound it added extra atmosphere and suspense to the game. However, as with all noisy toys, it did get mildly irritating after several hours. That is to say irritating to adults only. Oliver loved it! In fact he spent much of the day after playing with the game just playing with the T-Rex.

It took a little while for Oliver to master using the tweezers as the little baby dinosaurs are a bit slippery but he got there in the end and seemed to have a real sense of achievement from building up his skill. There is sufficient time between the T-Rex bites to keep players in the game for a while and for the tension to really build, which is fun.

In summary, this is a great little game which players of all ages can enjoy – quick to get started, no tricky or lengthy rules to bear in mind, and therefore ideal  to select when you need to a game to play in a set time frame – eg before going out somewhere or having a meal.

You can find out more about Dino Bite and find stockists by visiting the Drumond Park website, or buy it directly from Amazon.



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