DinoTrux Ty Rux Review

If you have some small children who love DREAMWORKS DINOTRUX then this toy will be perfect for Christmas.

My son who is nearly six loves the programme where the mix of vehicle and dinsoaur is a real winner! Ty Rux winged it's way to us and Heath was very excited.

It's a well made, well packaged toy and I would say the age was right from 4 years. 

Heath liked playing with it, zooming it along and knocking things with the 'tail'. It makes lots of roaring noises, so parents beware! Heath is very into Transformers and this has a similar look therefore plays well alongside it.

The DinoTrux toys have a good spread of prices, so being affordable for all pockets, ranging from £6.99 to £29.99. 

 Dino Trux Dino trux 2

The third super-sized season of DINOTRUX has just launched on Netflixand is capturing the imaginations of kids and parents across the country with its winning combination of dinosaurs and trucks and a heartfelt message about teamwork and overcoming challenges.


Catch the latest episodes now and delve into the prehistoric world inhabited by half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicles as they join forces to build a bigger and better world, while battling against the evil D-Structs who threaten to destroy everything they’ve built.


For even more DINOTRUX adventures, go to:  www.dreamworkstv.com/shows/dinotrux





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