Doh Nutters from Drumond Park - review


Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids, with Oliver, age 4.5

The first thing to say about this game is that the Doh Nutters elephant  masks themselves created a great deal of entertainment before we even started playing the game. The masks fit any size head so both children and adults can play – and Oliver had a great time trying all the masks on and then deciding who should have which colour.

The objective of the game is very simple. Each player wears a coloured elephant mask with a hooked trunk. Doughnuts of corresponding colours to the masks are piled on a board in the centre of the table, and then players race to be the first to pick up all of their doughnuts by hooking them onto their trunk.


Although the idea of the game is simple, the task of getting a doughnut onto your trunk is actually not that easy and takes a bit of practice. It took Oliver a little while to get the hang of it, and he did momentarily lose interest at the beginning – but mainly because he was playing against three competitive adults! Once he got the knack of picking up the doughnuts there was no stopping him, and there was plenty of shrieking (mainly from the adults), nudging and laughing as we frantically tried to get to our doughnuts piled on to our trunks.

doh-nutters-reviewWe only played a few rounds of the game (it is a bit repetitive) but then Oliver, being a very inventive little boy, came up with a whole new game. He created a kind of elephant hoopla – where he sought revenge on the competitive adults by making us take it in turn to wear a mask and then he threw the doughnuts at our faces, trying to land them on the trunk. Actually, it’s not as scary as it sounds – the masks are made of sufficiently tough plastic to be able to play that game without running a serious risk of injury (you may want to put away any breakables, however). So in this way we were able to extend the play time with a fresh game, using the same pieces.

In summary, we thought that Doh Nutters probably isn’t a game which will provide hours of entertainment, but it is a good game for a quick blast of fun, to let off steam, and little ones and adults alike will get a giggle from the masks!


You can find out more about Doh Nutters and find stockists by visiting the Drumond Park website, or buy it directly from Amazon.




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