Flora's Fairy Garden - review

Four New Toys from WOW!

WOW's exciting range of award-winning toys are designed exclusively for children aged 18 months to 5 years. They include features and functions to inspire children's imagination, don't require batteries, and are easliy wiped clean.

We invited four children and their parents to review four new toys from WOW - Flora's Fairy GardenTilly's Take OffSammy Surf Patrol and Pet Rescue Percy. 

Flora's Fairy Garden

 Flora's Fairy Garden

WOW's Product description:

Magical waterfall garden
A magical garden is every little girl's dream. Flora has her own magical, secret garden and even has a fairy friend called Florence. She loves to tip-toe across the lily pads on stepping stones and say hello to Francis the Frog: kisses are optional! And after spending the morning on her garden swing, she likes to go up her daisy lift for a special afternoon tea (and fairy cakes of course!) on the secret balcony with Florence.


  • Magical fairy garden waterfall pool with stepping stones
  • Opening garden gate
  • Functioning swing
  • Rotate flower to grow flower lift
  • Balcony tea party with figure seats
  • Removable figures; girl called Flora, and fairy called Florence
  • 3-piece set

 Review by Patrick, with Molly and Chloe, twins aged 4

This toy is very compact in size but it has lots of little additions which kept my girls interested.

The colours; the moving swing and lift really appealed to the girls' imagination (not sure what the frog is supposed to do though!).

Although it is supposed to be an outdoor scene my girls could pretend it was a castle, fairy village and a space ship so it proved to be versatile.

This is a good toy, simple in design but perfect for children that like to make believe.


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