LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base Review


LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base

Reviewed by Claire and Amelia (age 8) Paye

No longer content with town life, the 5 LEGO Friends continue their love of animals and all things exciting in a jungle setting.  Amelia fell upon the Jungle Rescue Base with much joy, partly because it was in a big box, partly because it was such a new departure for her LEGO Friends and mainly because it had a mini LEGO panda in it.  A few focussed hours later and it was all assembled.  My favourite bit, not that she has asked me, is the zip wire which connects the watchtower with the living quarters.  I love the fact that the wire can be wound up or loosened.  In fact, I’m not sure who is more excited about the kit, Amelia or me.  Probably me!

The attention to detail is amazing.  This Jungle kit has everything an intrepid animal-rescuing girl could need.  There is a motor launch to rescue the wayward panda and take it to the mobile medical trolley.  There is an outside bathroom, which shows that this is a Friends product – which boys’ toys feature mobile toilets?  The living area features beds, a cooker and an eating area.  The watchtower, if you can resist the urge to slide down the slide into the raging river below (river not included!), has a telescope and even a stand for a clipboard.  



As always with LEGO, the quality of the pieces is brilliant and the instructions are clear to follow.  There is even a little video on the LEGO website which shows what the Friends should be doing at their base, with replacement instructions in case you lose yours. 

The Friends are not limited to their Rescue Base.  In other kits they can also take advantage of a Jungle Bridge Rescue, Jungle Tree Sanctuary, Jungle Falls, First Aid Jungle Bike and, after a busy day, Andrea’s Mountain Hut. 

I have to say that Amelia tends to focus more on assembling the kits than playing with them, other than reassembling them when I trip over them in the night when trying to make it from the bedroom door to her window.  And although her 5 year old brother would probably play very well with them, he is banned from touching them.  You can lead a child to imaginative play, but you can’t necessarily get them past assembling the kit, is what I would say.  Still, in terms of fine motor skills, concentration, ability to follow instructions, resilience when realising that a piece is missing and going back to work out which one it is, and potential for imaginative play, we’ve found LEGO to be fantastic!  This Jungle kit is a very welcome development in the Friends’ career.



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