LEGO Juniors Batman - review


By Charlie (5) and Claire Paye

Which parent’s heart doesn’t gladden at the prospect of their 5 year old son spending almost two hours in quiet concentration, resulting in a sense of achievement for the son and a deep sense of gratitude from the parent to LEGO for creating the LEGO Juniors range?

The LEGO Juniors range is an inspiration.  It is aimed at age 4-7 and features very clear instructions which Charlie was able to follow by himself.  He finds Duplo too easy and LEGO too difficult, so the Juniors range is ideal for him.  Each of the three sections is in a self-contained bag, which is perfect for those who are easily distracted or who don’t have time to complete the kit in one go.  Some children may just get as far as Batman and the Batmobile, from the first bag.  However, those who persevere will end up with Batman’s cave and, in the ever-optimistic world of children’s toys, a cell for the triumphant Batman to lock the Joker up in, following the Joker’s ill-advised and, frankly, rather predictable efforts to catapult a bomb into the cave. 


Charlie loved putting the kit together.  He exclaimed, ‘I am entertaining myself’, a phrase which someone must have drilled into him at some point.  He also delighted in turning over each page, providing newsflashes of which page he was up to.  Charlie seems strangely less interested in bashing this model about than some of the other models he has, possibly because he knows how much work went into it.  Nevertheless, as with all LEGO kits, there is always a piece or two which comes off and takes up residence in a different world so it’s best to keep the instructions handy for extracting bats from police chases and returning them to the Bat world, unless anarchy is your thing.  The piece most likely to migrate, I’d suggest, is the bomb, which is a perfect size for lobbing from the catapult into the far corners of the room.  

LEGO Juniors kits make perfect, if slightly pricey, presents for grandchildren/nephews/nieces etc.  You are not only giving a toy that the child should love, you are giving the parent that most precious gift of all, the gift of time.  



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