Logo Billionaire - review

Logo Billionaire review

Logo Billionaire

Reviewed by Amelia (age 7), Claire and Andy Paye

We LOVE this game.  It’s gone straight to our number one spot.  Amelia is a huge fan of money so the fact that you start the game with 50million is a certain winner.  I love the fact that the game builds business awareness, albeit in terms of buying and selling brands and companies, which isn’t something I’ve been in a position to do recently.  It has a similar feel to Monopoly, with the advantage that there is a possibility of someone winning the game the same day that it started. 

The premise of the game is to collect as many brands as you judge appropriate then launch a company.  The value of the company is determined by gambling, pure and simple.  You decide how many ‘Risky Business’ value cards to turn over, aiming to stop before you hit a ‘Bust’ card, which means your business is worth nothing (something the Banks should possibly have taken on board).  The first person to reach 1 Billion (1000million for the purposes of this game) is the winner. 

True to business, there are ways of leveraging your position.  For example, you can launch a takeover when someone tries to launch a company, whereby you spin the spinner and add that value to the number of brands in that category that you’ve got.  The person with the most brands keeps them all and can then launch.  Or you can trade brands to build up a power house of brands from which to launch a company. 

One of our favourite parts is the Newsflash.  This is when we find out, for example, that ‘Assault on salt means crunch time for snacks’ and that 3 snack brands are up for auction or that ‘Drink sales go on ice!’ meaning that you have to pay 10m to the bank for each Chilled brand held.  Sometimes you can earn extra dosh for brands on the ‘on the up’ brand card, so although Amelia’s friends haven’t been particularly interested in owning the Brylcreem brand, when it’s worth an extra 10m, it takes on a whole new value. 

The game is pretty easy to set up and get started.  You can play a simpler version to start with, the Apprentice rules, but we preferred the Executive Rules, which are still fairly easy to follow.  The game involves strategic decisions, throws in a strong element of risk, introduces children to the concept of consumer businesses with a bit of brand awareness (they all know Cadbury Feast ice creams, but not so many were aware of the Renault Scenic) and is generally a great deal of fun.  Highly recommended for any money-conscious Monopoly-loving children and their families.  The official age is 8+ but Amelia’s 7 year old friends all got the hang of it quickly, although they did struggle somewhat with working out 70mx6 – ie when their company was worth 70m and they had 6 brands in that company.  Still, when you’re looking at a potential value of 420m, it’s worth the maths. 

Logo Billionaire Review

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