Loom Bands - review


Which parent’s heart doesn’t beat a little faster when they see their child engaged in an A.B.A.S. (‘anything but a screen’) activity which is cheap, develops manual dexterity and concentration and offers a topic of conversation amongst friends?  That, in my humble opinion, is the reason for the massive craze of loom bands overtaking the world.  Literally.  We first heard about the small, colourful, elastic bands from friends in Hong Kong in April whose 5 year old twins were into them.  A Dutch friend who visited us in May introduced us to smelly loom bands – sniffing someone’s wrist is an excellent way to break the ice.  By June, loom bands were banned at school, a sure sign of a craze. 


As a parent always on the lookout for a cheap bribe or reward, a £1 pack of loom bands is real value for money.  Of course, things haven’t been quite that simple.  First I discovered a woeful ignorance of loom bands and lack of stock in all our local shops.  Having tracked down a regular supply, I was then sent on a hunt for fragranced/smelly loom bands.  The sense of achievement at being able to present a whole pack of strawberry-smelling ones was eclipsed by my manager/daughter who set a new target of tracking down apple ones.  Thankfully, our local stock-everything shop has now cleared a whole aisle for loom bands so my only decision was whether I could go off-piste and offer purple candy-smelling bands instead of apple ones.  I’m pleased to report that I won that wager – dear knows, I’ve lost enough in the past.  However, I was sent back for a loom (I should have guessed that ‘loom bands’ were related to looms).  I should say that I objected at every turn, using the old ‘you’ve got enough’, ‘I’ve already spent a fortune on these’ line, then capitulated with the ‘this is the last loom-band item I’m buying’ line.  When I told the shopkeeper that the loom was my last purchase he chuckled, revealing the loom band-shaped pound signs in his eyes and said, ‘that’s what they all say’. 

But, I have cracked the habit.  I’m happy to report that I haven’t bought any loom-related items in the past week.  The only snag is, my daughter needs to look up the complicated things she can make on the loom online.  So she can now be found prone on the floor with the Tablet propped up in front of her.  But it doesn’t really count as screen time, does it? 

That first pack of cheap loom bands has led to a ridiculous amount of expenditure and culminated in extra screen time.  Hmm.  



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