Mask 'n' Ask - review

Mask-n-Ask review

Mask 'n’ Ask

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Reviewed by Claire Paye with Amelia (7), Charlotte (7) and Harry (4)

This is a version of ‘who am I?’ which is a good game for all the family (reading ages up) to play.  The idea is that you put a mask in your glasses frame, spin the spinner on the board, ask whichever question it lands on and try to guess who you are.  There is an animal side to the masks and board and a people side.  There are quite a few options on the board to pick your own question or make your own question up. 

There is a space for you to put your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ counter on so you can remember whether you do in fact ‘spend a lot of my time outside’.  Even more cleverly, there is a crib sheet of answers so if you’re not sure whether someone is paid to do their job, or they do come out at night, you can look up the answer to question 10 for a cowboy and see that the answer is ‘yes’ (there’s no answer which says, ‘not enough’) or 17 for a badger and see that it is also ‘yes’. 

Amelia and Charlotte really enjoyed the fun of guessing – Charlotte was delighted to find out that she was a fairy.  Amelia was less impressed, and slightly bemused because she didn’t know what it was, to find out she was a Red Indian.  Harry just liked wearing big glasses, which was handy because as a non-reader he couldn’t play the game fully (it is for ages 7+)

There are a few issues.  The glasses were a bit big for the 7 year old girls, so they had to just hold up the faces away from them.  They then found it a bit too easy to spot what they were ‘by mistake’.  You have to be quite careful inserting the masks into the glasses so that the identity isn’t revealed.  As the board is a fold up cardboard design, the detachable spinner in the centre has to be inserted each time, which means it’s susceptible to damage.  Some of the characters are quite easily guessed.  ‘Am I wearing a gold crown’ narrows down the choice to ‘princess’ if the answer is ‘yes’. 

However, as a fun, easy to set up and quick to start playing game for all the family, this is a great choice.  I can see it being popular at family gatherings, such as Christmas time.  We often play twenty questions in the car and this game provides lots of ideas of questions to ask.  It has the element of dressing up that children like and the opportunity to show that you’re good at guessing, which adults like.  A nice one to add to the family board game collection.


Mask-n-ask review

Drumond Park

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