'My Garden Day and Night' Puzzle, from Gibsons - review


‘My Garden Day and Night’ Puzzle, from Gibsons
Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids

The ‘My Garden Day & Night’ jigsaw puzzle is from the ‘My World’ range, developed in conjunction with child psychologist and play specialist, Dr Amanda Gummer, and is aimed at children aged 4-7 years old.
There are so many jigsaw puzzles on the market, but the detail and design of the ‘My Garden Day & Night’ puzzle really makes it stand out from the rest.

There are actually two puzzles in the box. They both depict a house, garden, and the creatures you can find in the garden – but one shows the daytime scene and the other shows the garden at night. So not only do children have the challenge of deciding which pieces fit which puzzle, they can also learn about the different activities happening during the day and night in the garden.

The back of the pieces are coloured light blue for the day time puzzle and dark blue for night, which provides a handy clue, or allows children to do the puzzles in reverse, focussing solely on the shape of the puzzle pieces instead of having the picture to help.

In addition to the flat pieces, there are 10 stand-up pieces which slot into the completed puzzle, which is a lovely design feature. The stand up pieces have a picture on the front and written information on the back, so adults can read and learn with children whilst completing the puzzle.

When the puzzle is finished, you can tidy up by posting the puzzle pieces into the top of the box – another nice design feature.
This puzzle would make a nice addition to any toy cupboard. It’s colourful, good quality, made from recycled board and would make a lovely Christmas gift. We’ll definitely keep an eye out for more products from the range.

You can buy ‘My Garden Day and Night’ on Amazon.


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