Og on the Bog - toy review

New game for Christmas 2015 - great for kids 5-10 years

We took an instant liking to Og on the Bog (from Drumond Park Games) because the instructions were quick to read and easy to understand, perfect because our three reviewers (Ollie 8, Evie 11 and Eric 12) were chomping at the bit!

Evie opening   Og on the bog

The object of the game is to steal Og’s toilet rolls from outside of his Bog without him noticing. The first player to get 3 loo rolls (4 players) or 4 loo rolls (3 players) wins! You spin the wheel, and there are 3 possibilities, of which, the best outcome is the image of the loo roll because that progresses you straight to the toilet roll stealing. The red cross is the worst position to land on, because you miss a turn.

Landing on the green tick, however, means that the player has to approach the Bog (this is where the kids go silent) and press on the front doorstep, at which point three more things could happen...

1. Og may grunt (or fart) in which case he’s not heard the player sneak up, and they can steal a loo roll. 

2. Og could shout out, “Did I hear a twig break?”, “Is there a thief in my bog?” or “What’s going on out there?” That means he’s heard the player sneak up, so it’s the next player’s turn. 

   **Whenever Og shouted out, the kids repeated him every time with giggles, I even found myself doing this by the third and fourth games.**

3. Or… Og shouts ‘oh-ohhh’ the bog explodes and the player loses two toilet rolls from his or her stash!

Ollie and Eric

In total, one game takes around 5-8 minutes. So we played about 10 times, with different variations of 3 players, 4 players, just kids, first to five loo rolls, first to six loo rolls and with 2 players first to seven loo rolls!

Taking a loo roll off the stand is easier than we thought it could have been, so the kids started closing their eyes to take the loo rolls each time. But then you run the risk of “He’s not closed his eyes properly” territory! 

I asked the kids ‘what age range do you think this is aimed at?’ and they said 5 to 10 years, which rings true with how Ollie was so besotted with it, with Evie and Eric playing happily, but not quite with the enthusiasm of Ollie.

I think he may have even put Og by his bed that night!with parts from other toys, providing creative entertainment for another hour.At the end of the 10 games, Ollie even started to make up his own games,

Ollie and Evie

The kids rated this: 

Eric 8/10

Evie 8/10

Ollie 10/10

Ollie said he’ll play this with his cousins when they are over next time.

Tip: make sure you have a phillips screwdriver and 3xAA batteries ready

(we had to raid the X-BOX controllers) before you play.


 RRP £22.99

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