Pass the Pud - review



Pass the Pud

By Claire, Andy, Amelia (7) and Charlie (5) Paye

Pass the Pud is very quick to set up, offers adults a chance to show off, an adrenaline rush as the Pud timer counts down and a bit of rudeness for children when the Pud burps at the end.  In fact, Charlie just likes carrying the Pud around, waiting for it to burp.  The game is very simple to follow.  You basically have to think of items connected with whatever is on the card.  You can play in teams or individually.  You collect a sixpence when you win the round. 

When playing with Amelia, we just stick to the Things category.  You have to think of something associated with the ‘thing’ on the card, eg fruit, whilst holding the ticking Pud.  The ticking has the effect of making your brain empty of all relevant information.  At least, it does for me.  You can hand the Pud over once you’ve thought of something.  Whoever is holding it when it burps loses.  If there are more than two of you playing, you may want to give the losing person the sixpence, and whoever has the least sixpences at the end wins. 

The only drawback is that the packaging doesn’t have much shelf-life – it’s very flimsy. 

The Christmas pudding Pud anchors the game firmly in the Christmas season, but it could well be a lifesaver for those tricky multi-generation family gatherings, or it offers a bit of light relief for the adults who have achieved the ultimate goal of having the children asleep in bed at the end of the day.  It’s small enough to pack in a suitcase and easy enough for everyone to understand.  I would like to pass on the praise for Pass the Pud!

You can buy Pass the Pud on Amazon.



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