Pet Rescue Percy - review

Four New Toys from WOW!

WOW's exciting range of award-winning toys are designed exclusively for children aged 18 months to 5 years. They include features and functions to inspire children's imagination, don't require batteries, and are easliy wiped clean.

We invited four children and their parents to review four new toys from WOW - Pet Rescue Percy, Tilly's Take-Off, Sammy Surf Patrol and Flora's Fairy Garden

 Pet Rescue Percy

WOW's Product description:

Pet Rescue Percy - Motorised animal rescue vehicle

Pet Rescue Percy is ready to help out all animals, big and small! He has rescued every animal you can think of from a tiny dormouse to a giant hippopotamus and he is here to show you the wonders of animal rescue! He also has his very own pets, Socks the cat and Bonny the dog that join him on his rescue missions.


  • Motorised rescue vehicle
  • Rotating pet feeder with clicking sounds
  • Removable vet figure called Rolf
  • Removable pets; Socks the cat and Bonny the dog
  • 4-piece set


Reviewed by Jenna with Thomas, aged 2

Pet Rescue Percy is a really cute toy which was an instant hit with Thomas. As we unpacked the toy we started by learning the names of the three characters and explaining that Rolf was the vet and that Bonny and Socks were his helpers (although they ended up being the rescue animals too).

Thomas immediately put Rolf into the truck and began rescuing animals -and other toys - around the living room. He really liked the motorised wheels and he got the hang of them immediately. It's a real bonus that the truck doesn't need batteries.

The toy is really nicely packaged. We were at Nanna's house when we opened the toy andnThomas didn't have his entire toy selection with him,  so we even used the illustrated cardboard inset as the vets surgery and we even used the box as the garage for the truck!

Pet Rescue Percy is a strong, well-made toy which we really enjoyed playing with and which we would recommend to other families.




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