Playmobil Pirate Fort SuperSet Review

What to do with the kids tried out the new Playmobil Pirate Fort SuperSet.

Lewis (9), Lowri (7) and Heath (5) decided to build it together. I must say the boys really enjoyed this (both are real lego fans) and the finished pirate fort looked great.

Lowri then loved playing with it, as little figurines are right up her street, Heath joined in too, but Lewis being the oldest thought this a bit too babyish - they grow up too fast!

We are Playmobil fans in our house and this is a lovely toy. Ideal for that 5-8 range and both boys and girls a like. This set has lots of figures, animals and things to play with. Value for money.

Playmobil have got lots of great toys to fuel your children's imaginations this Christmas, ranging from £10-£100 there is something there for everyone.

 Thumbs up!

 PLAYMOBIL_6146_Pirate Fort SuperSet  Playmob 1 Playmob 2









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