Playmobil Take Along Horse Stable

Reviewed by Lys Price and family

I remember Playmobil from my childhood so the introduction of this toy to my daughters was going to be a reminiscence experience for me. There is something endearing about seeing your own children interact with toys that have barely changed over time (of which there are few) and be able to share our own stories of play. But just because I enjoyed Playmobil when I was young would they? 
Play mobil 2
The excitement at the arrival of the Take Along Horse Stable was quickly replaced my panic as my 4 little ones opened the box and then proceeded to tear open every carefully segregated plastic bag of pieces inside. I had not been prepared for the need for any construction so would have approached this differently if I’d known. Once instructions gathered and pieces clicked into place, the accompanying components to the stable set were complete.
The enthusiasm of my children to explore the new toy was as usual a bit bullish. Within 2 minutes one of the stable doors had been broken off! Frustration was momentary as with great relief it popped back into position with ease. Since then other parts have been pulled off but like the door they have been easily ‘fixed’. The Playmobil designers certainly understand children!
Play mobil 1
The joy for the children was the many accessories that came with the set. Not only did you have the stable building but people, horses, buckets, wheel barrows, harnesses, animals, brushes, and much, much more. The diversity of what could be played with and how kept them absorbed for ages.
The joy for me as a parent was two-fold. Firstly, how long it kept my girls absorbed in simple imaginative play, and secondly, that when they were done everything fits inside the stable and it turns into a storage box and carry case – no need for another ice cream tub to be found. These features make it a first-class grab when you need something quick and easy to take out with you to keep the kids amused. It achieved that on a visit to the grandparents the other week although, a warning, the small pieces are tricky to find on a patterned carpet!
Play mobil 4
Talking of small pieces, there are very small pieces that come with the set, thus the advisory age of 4+ years. Keeping much younger ones away is sensible for their safety from choking or, in the case of my 2.5 year old, from the consequences of infuriating older sisters.
When looking online prices for this set start from £22.49. In my books, and I’m known to be frugal, for what you’re getting this is great value - a quality product with a lot of accessories, and it’s tidy, convenient and robust. It works as a standalone play set or to add to a collection. 
I’m thinking in our house this is the beginning of something bigger! Playmobil Take Along Horse Stable available here.
Play mobil 3

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