Ravensburger My First Puzzle - Review



Ravensburger has launched a set of jigsaw puzzles specially designed for children as young as 18 months so that children of this age can now enjoy puzzling.

The first in the range is the adorable Minnie Mouse My First Puzzle set featuring four images of Clubhouse favourites Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. Both are shown in cute dresses against different coloured backgrounds, designed to make the individual pieces easier to identify and put together.

The sets contain 2, 3, 4 and 5 piece puzzles, with each piece made in super thick card just right for little hands and so are a great introduction for toddlers to jigsaw puzzles.

We asked top What To Do With The Kids Reviewer Nicola Cromack to review the product, with Holly, 16 months and Zak, 4 and 3/4. Here is what they had to say:

What Did You Review? 

Ravensburger puzzle, Disney, 4 assorted puzzles ranging from 2 : 5 pieces.

Themed at female Disney characters and is pink so would suggest target is girls.

Age range 18 month+

Was the product fit for purpose? Was it good quality/durable?

The product is pitched well, in that the puzzles are simple for the age range. Whilst Holly was slightly too young to be able to join the pieces, Zak managed with ease and no doubt it will last as Holly develops.

As expected of the Ravensburger brand, the puzzle pieces are durable although I think with time the edges will fray in time as being aimed at this age, Holly instantly began chewing the pieces!

How did the product look and feel? Was it well designed and was it attractive to you/the kids?

Being Disney, it was instantly attractive to both the kids, although obviously this was aimed to the younger female, Holly squealed when she saw Minnie on the box!

There are 4 different designs to match the female Disney characters, including 2 Minnie and 2 Daisy.

Would you recommend this product to other families? Would you buy one for yourself?

This would be something I would recommend as puzzles are fun for the kids and there aren't many actual puzzles which are aimed for 18 months. Dependent on the price, this would be something which I would buy for the kids. I like that the puzzles have increased skill requirement, from 2 pieces up to 5 and know that this will be an activity we keep going back to, as Holly grows.

Other comments

There are 4 puzzles contained which range from 2 to 5 pieces to put together, so enough to keep Holly challenged for some time and Zak was happy to play for round 15 minutes too. Really liked the girl targeted Disney theme as Holly loves watching Mickey. That said, Zak really enjoyed doing the puzzles and it was good to watch him teach his little sister what to do.

Zak loved being the big brother showing Holly what to do with the puzzle and liked the different colour themes too. Holly loved the characters as she loves Disney, so in all great product which will last for years.





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