Seagull Splat - game review

By Claire, Amelia (9) and Charlie (6) Paye with friends

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Oh, how we love this game!  Or, at least, how the children love it!  With legitimate, frequent discussions of ‘pooping’ and the power to decide whose beach towel to poop on, what more could a child ask for from a game?  It’s a very simple game involving rolling a dice to decide whose beach towel gets pooped on, including a multi-player option which gives you the power to decide who to attack.  But the seagull doesn’t always poop when its tail is squeezed – oh, the anticipation and excitement!  

Seagull splat kids game 3

There is almost no set up involved other than filling up the seagull with its actually very nice smelling poop – make sure you don’t lose the plug.  We’re not sure about obtaining refills for the poop but perhaps there’s enough to last the lifetime of interest in the game.  Top tip – don’t play on soft furnishings as the splatting can slightly miss the intended beach towel.  

Seagull Splat kids game 2

As a mature adult, I have to admit that the idea of playing a game where a seagull splats (or not) on plastic people on beach towels wouldn’t be my initial choice of fun activity - but what do I know?  The children loved it!  ‘10/10’, awarded Amelia.  ‘We want to play it again and again’ breathed her ecstatic friends.  

Seagull splat kids game 1

If I were being generous to the University Games brand, I’d say that there is the opportunity to introduce an element of strategic grace – sparing someone in the hope that they will spare you, forming allegiances, that sort of thing, in the hope that you will have the last unpooped on beach towels in the game.  But really, it’s just fun.  So overcome your better instincts and invest in Seagull Splat for when you just fancy a bit of light hearted fun and laughter with your children.

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