Tavolini Dexterity Toy - review

Tavolini - Dexterity Toy by Selecta
Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids


The Tavolini is a new dexterity toy, designed to be strapped into a cot or pram from Selecta. We were invited by VUP Baby to review the Tavolini, and being big fans of VUP Baby, who only sell products free from BPA, PVA and Phthalates, imported from around the world, we agreed. We asked What To Do With The Kids reviewer Sarah, with 5 month old baby Jack, to take a look and tell us their thoughts.

This is what she had to say...

The Tavolini is an attractive-looking toy, which Jack was instantly interested in. The bright colours really appealed to him, as did the beads. He immediately started to grab at the beads - I think he wanted to put them in his mouth. Unfortunately he hasn't quite mastered sitting upright for more than a minute or two so has not managed to get the beads into his mouth yet, but I am sure it is only a mater of time!

Jack loved the spinning bells and enjoyed playing with those himself - they are light and easy to turn. The hooter caused hilarity when I pressed it, but it does need quite a hard push to make the noise and Jack doesn't yet have the strength to do it - however, this gives him something to work towards! It might also encourage him to practice sitting up by himself.

I like the fact that this is a compact, light little piece of equipment which is good for travelling and can be strapped on to a variety of places in the car or home. I also really liked the soft, rounded edges, and in particular I liked the fact that this is a wooden toy - it looks high quality and even a bit retro, very cute. So many baby toys these days are made of plastic. 

All in all, we think the Tavolini is a winner. I look forward to Jack learning how to play with it more.

You can buy the Tavolini dexterity toy and view other toys from VUP baby here:






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