Thundercats Puzzle - review

Thundercats Puzzles from Jumbo Games

Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids



As childhood fans of Thundercats we took a trip down memory lane when we were asked to review this Thundercats jigsaw puzzle from Jumbo! 

We asked Claire and Andy Paye to review the jigsaw with Amelia (6) and Charlie (3). Although Amelia and Charlie were not fans at the beginning of the review, we showed them the titles and a few clips from the cartoon on YouTube and this got them into the Thundercats spirit and we were even treated to some Thundercats impersonations.

Thundercats complete

The two puzzles, one with 100 pieces and the other with 70, come in a handy box with a plastic handle - making it great for travel as it is light and easy for a child to carry. The handle can also be tucked in, making it good for stacking. One slight negative is that the two puzzle packets are not resealable, so it's not possible to keep the puzzles separate in the storage box after they have been opened. 

The puzzle pieces are made from a high quality cardboard and don't tear or bend. They are quite dark in colour but the pieces have distinguishable designs, so the puzzle presents the right level of challenge for the intended age group.

This puzzle is obviously ideal for a Thundercats fan - but Amelia, who had not heard of Thundercats before reviewing the puzzle for us, thought it was "Excellent!".


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