Tilly's Take-off - review

Four New Toys from WOW!

WOW's exciting range of award-winning toys are designed exclusively for children aged 18 months to 5 years. They include features and functions to inspire children's imagination, don't require batteries, and are easliy wiped clean.

We invited four children and their parents to review four new toys from WOW - Tilly's Take OffSammy Surf Patrol, Pet Rescue Percy and Flora's Fairy Garden.

Tilly's Take-Off

 Tilly' Take-off

WOW's Product description:

Motorised plane with rotating propellers

Tilly loves adventures and nothing more than flying all over the world with her pilot Amelia, and cat Poppet. Her motorised engine rotates the propellers to get her ready for take-off and the secret rotating cargo hold is full of all kinds of delights! Join Tilly and friends for the journey of a lifetime!


  • Motorised plane with automatic rotating propellers
  • Secret rotating cargo hold
  • Removable girl pilot called Amelia
  • Removable cat called Poppet
  • 3-piece set

Reviewed by Caroline Clark with Charlotte (aged 22 months)

Charlotte seemed very happy with Tilly. It was her first time playing with small figurines and they didn't faze her at all.

The toy is a nice bright colour, and good quality and durable - solid, with no sharp edges and finished off well.

It works very well on laminate flooring but it's not so good on carpet. I would definitely recommend Tilly's Take-Off to other familes and would rate it 4/5.


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