VTech Lex The T-Rex- review

VTech Lex the T-Rex

Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids

Dino Car

Lex the T-Rex is one of a new range of switch & go Dinos from Vtech. Kind of like a Transformer, for those of us who remember the Transformer cartoons and toys, Lex the T-Rex is a 2-in1 toy which switches between a dinosaur and a car in a few simple steps. There is even an LCD display which allows you to choose between the dinosaur's eyes or a driver to be displayed on screen.

Lex also talks - he has a whole range of fun phrases and dinosaur facts, as well as car sound effects and dinosaur growls - some of which are quite scary! The What To Do With The Kids team had a quick play with the toy before we passed it on to our reviewer, and we thought some of Lex's comments were hilarious - especially 'King of the road, coming through', 'Don't make me chase you!' and the funny 'goodbye' sound when you switch Lex off. 

What To Do With The Kids asked reviewer Jenna with son Thomas to play with Lex and tell us their thoughts. This is what they had to say...

Lex and ThomasThomas really enjoyed playing with Lex. He liked him best as a dinosaur and had loads of fun copying the sounds himself. I think it is a brilliant toy, especially as it is 2 toys in 1 - a car and a dinosaur, and it's educational too.

Before reviewing the product I would never have thought about buying Thomas this kind of toy because I thought it would be too dificult for him to use, but after watching me move parts and fold parts to become a dinosaur he learned how to do it really quickly so I was very surprised. 

It's very solid and is as good as new even though it has been bashed about as a racing car.

I would definitely recommend other parents to get one and depending on the price I would buy other Vtech Dino toys for my son.

You can see the full range of switch & go Dinos and buy Lex the T-rex on http://www.vtechuk.com

Or buy Lex or his friends now on Amazon




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