Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park

Wordsearch Junior

By Claire, Amelia (7) and Charlie (5) Paye

This is a game which is very quick to set up, easy to understand and fun to play, even for non-readers.  You can choose whether to play with just pictures, words with pictures or just words.  We found that the picture and the just words rounds worked best.  The playing circle is set up so that one word or picture is revealed on the outside of the circle at a time.  The first person to spot that picture or word puts their coloured discs over the letters or picture on the circle.  However, if someone then spots a word which overlaps one which has already been identified, they can replace the other player’s discs with their own, which means that the game isn’t necessarily won until the end as fortunes can be reversed. 

There are a number of discs to choose from in each category.  This really is a game which is offers equal chance of success for a child as for an adult, at least in our family that was the case, as I consistently lost to Amelia.  It is very portable and quite robust so an excellent game to take away to a relative’s house at Christmas or on holiday.  2-4 players can play at one time, although it’s possible to play in teams, allowing more to play. 

In summary, an all-round good family game to see you through the holiday season.

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