Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - The Elf Games - Review

New Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom DVD
The Elf Games
Released 14th May 2012

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 Ben and Holly


More magical capers from Princess Holly and her friend Ben Elf. Get your kids into the Olympics spirit with the release of the new Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom DVD, The Elf Games, out May 14th, £8.99 RRP from

As well as the Little Kingdom version of the Olympics, The Elf Games, this DVD includes episodes:
· Nanny's Lesson
· The Elf Factory
· Mrs Witch
· Elf Joke Day
· King Thistle's New Clothes
· Elf School
· The Royal Golf Course
· Morning Noon & Night
· Gaston's Visit
· Trip to the Seaside


Reviewed by: Lisa Brown, with Caitlin age 8 and Edie age 2.5

What kind of DVD is it? Animation

Who is it suitable for? Aimed at under fives

What is the plot/themess? Various themes are covered throughout the DVD including sports, animals, and sharing.

What are the best bits? Holly shouts for Ben to win but instead of helping him Ben looses the race!

Who is your favourite character and why? We like Nanny Plum because she always thinks she is doing the best thing but makes it worse in a funny way. Edie also likes Holly just because she is a fairy and can fly!!

What the grown-ups say: I find Ben and Holly to be really educational for the kids. It's full of bright colours and has a great range of stories.

What the kids say: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom is really fun and colourful. We love the stories and the characters.

The Brown family rated the DVD 4/5 overall.


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