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John Carter

Out On Disney Blu-ray‚Ñ¢, Blu-ray 3D‚Ñ¢and DVD on 2nd July 2012



John Carter

On 2nd July 2012 Disney brings iconic hero, :úJohn Carter:ù, to life in your home in a visually stunning new world that is :úbrimming with spectacular effects:ù (Sunday Mirror). This family adventure will land on Disney 3D Blu-ray ‚Ñ¢, Blu-ray‚Ñ¢ and DVD.

John Carter is based on 'A Princess of Mars', a story crafted by Edgar Rice Burroughs the creator of :úTarzan:ù. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton (WALL·E and Finding Nemo) breathes life into the classic science fiction action-adventure that is set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars) for its first ever film adaptation.

With stunning special effects, great characters and villains John Carter is a rambunctious family adventure that will thrill audiences of all types of ages and beyond and has been described as :úthrilling and visually stunning:ù (David Aldrige, BBC Five Live). John Carter is a war-weary, former military captain who's inexplicably transported to Mars and reluctantly becomes embroiled in an epic conflict as the planet hovers on the precipice of collapse. With surprising new powers and forces, John Carter battles and rises to become a heroic warrior.

John Carter stars the rising Hollywood actor Taylor Kitsch (:úFriday Night Lights,:ù :úX-Men Origins: Wolverine:ù) in the title role, Lynn Collins (:úX-Men Origins: Wolverine,:ù :úThe Number 23:ù) as Dejah Thoris, Willem Dafoe (:úThe English Patient,:ù :úSpider Man:ù) as Tars Tarkas, and Dominic West (:ú300,:ù :úThe Wire:ù) as Sab Than. 

Reviewed by: The What To Do With The Kids Team

Who is this film suitable for? Rated PG - a family film but lots of battle scenes so more suitable for older kids

The marketing for the film calls this 'Star Wars for a new generation' - so we were a bit puzzled when the film began with a young boy inheriting a fortune from his estranged and eccentric Uncle in the US in the 1800s, quickly moving on to a sequence of 'wild west' scenes with the US government trying to detain and hire a jaded civil war vet, culminating in a chase with some apaches.

Although the scene-setting was a bit fast and clumsy, once we got on to the main plot the film was far more enjoyable. It follows the tale of John Carter, the afore-mentioned jaded civil war vet, who accidentally finds himself transported to Mars, and has attained some interesting new powers. He gets captured for his talents by a community of giant green Martians, and eventually meets the runaway Princess of Helium, who has escaped from a forced, politcal marriage. These two main characters and their friends end up being the main heroes in a large scale battle on Barsoom (Mars) on a quest to save Helium against some evil time travellers and a thuggish wannabee Emporer.

The plot is as difficult to follow as it sounds, partly because of the way it is edited and partly because of the complicated names of the characters and the places. Having said that we did get the general gist of what was happening and enjoyed the fact that this is an action-packed film.

In parts it is reminiscent of the newer Star Wars films and Avatar, and the special effects are of a high standard. The dialogue is cheesy, but we didn't mind, the special effects made up for it!

Despite being critical about the way the film has been edited, we actually really enjoyed it and were engrossed througout. We think this is a good, fun adventure film to watch with older kids. Little ones would definitely struggle with the story and might not like the battle scenes.
If you and your kids enjoy fantasy/adventure/sci-fi films, then John Carter is definitely worth a look.


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