Molly Moon DVD review




This film is based on the book Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism written in 2002 by British author, Georgina Byng. Having seen the film I suspect Evie would actually enjoy the books - we will be looking into this in 2017!

Molly Moon was good film to watch as a family Poppy 6 and Evie 7 both enjoyed it. My husband and myself found it watchable and the story line was good. I can’t sand some kids films so to get one we can all watch in a real result.

Evie  (7) is very into magic at the moment and spent the rest of the day trying to hypnotize us. 

The sorry is about a orphan (Molly Moon) who practices hypnosis and manages to overthrow a bank robber! 

This film is no Harry Potter but it is fun, enjoyable and a good family film. 

 This film hadn’t had great reviews and only gets 29% on Rotten Tomatoes - however, I feel this is a little harsh, it really is a film for a 7 year old. Although I wont be re-watching, it's always a good sign if the kids ask to watch it again and they were quite keen to give this one another view.


This DVD is available at HMV by following this link. 


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