Neverland - Out on DVD - review

Neverland - Out On DVD

Reviewed by What To Do With The Kids

Neverland is the prequel to Peter Pan and tells the story of how Peter and his gang end up in Neverland and their subsequent attempts to get back home.

The story begins in Edwardian London with Peter and his friends - part of a gang that earn their keep as pickpockets. The boys have been saved from the workhouses by once-respected gentleman, James Hook, who has fallen out of favour in high society and has been banished to the east end of London. In an attempt to restore his reputation, Hook takes on a job to steal a mysterious orb. However, the robbery takes a surprising turn and the powerful orb transports all the gang except for Peter to a strange world where time stands still : Neverland. Peter decides to follow and save his friends.

Neverland follows Peter, his friends, and 'Captain' James Hook, through adventures which include fairies, giant 8-legged crocodiles, 18th Century Pirates and a Native Indian tribe. There are themes of loyalty and friendship, but also darker aspects to the story -betrayal, ruthless power-hunger, and the moral decay of Hook. 

The cast is impressive : Bob Hoskins, Anna Friel, Rhys Ifans, Charles Dance and the voice of Keira Knightly. We thought Hook in particular was brilliantly acted.

This is definitely one to watch with all the family, although some parts might be a bit scary for little one. It was originally filmed as a two-part mini-series, so four hours long. We thought we would watch it in sections : but enjoyed it so much we couldn't switched it off and watched the whole thing in one sitting. We're hoping there'll be a part three...


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