Paranorman - review


Reviewed for What To Do With The Kids by Rachel Groom with 

Joseph Groom 11, William Groom 7, Kieran eynon 9 and Conna Eynon 10


Paranorman is a Spooky Animation Comedy Horror. The film is about Norman who lives in a small town and can speak to the dead and no one believes him except his mad friend Neil. Norman has to do a ritual to protect the town from witches coming back to life.

We all enjoyed the film, the animation was great - a lot better than it being generated on a computer. There were a few scary bits for younger children but William seemed to enjoy it all.  The other children could not choose which bits were best as all of them loved it and found it really funny. 

I think if you're a parent of younger children you should maybe preview this as some bits could be scary for children under the age of 7 as some scenes were a bit graphic. Some mild language but nothing to the extreme. This film I think is aimed at children over 10 for them to get some of the one liners.

I would definitely recommend this film to others. As an adult I found it entertaining and not like the usual children's films which are boring. Good story line for Paranorman, the characters are really good and there are a lot of positive messages about bullying and that everyone is different.

My son's comments: :ú I really enjoyed Paranorman and can't wait to tell my friends at school about it.  It  was funny and scary at the same time:ù William Groom age 7.







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